Daily Climate in China

The data set contains the daily climate in China from 01.01.1951 to 31.10.2012.


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The data source

The daily radiation data of international exchanging stations of china
The code of data set Daily_Climate_Dataset_in_China
The version of data set : 3.0
Public by Climatic Data Center , National Meteorological Information Center.
Online : http://cdc.cma.gov.cn

Data description

General remarks
  1. Station ID
  2. Year
  3. Month
  4. Day
  5. 24h precipitation
  6. Large evaporation
  7. Max. momentary wind speed
  8. Wind direction
  9. Mean pressure
  10. Average wind speed
  11. Average temperature
  12. Average vapor pressure
  13. Average relative humidity
  14. Sunshine hours
  15. Daily minimum pressure
  16. Daily minimum temperature
  17. Daily maximum Pressure
  18. Daily maximum temperature
  19. Small evaporation
  20. Max. continued wind speed (in 10 min.)
  21. Wind direction
  22. Minimum relative humidity
Data format.txt