The Datastream Database

Datastream Advance

Datastream Advance brings Datastream's unrivalled financial databases to your Windows desktop through a fully-featured interface and a powerful set of add-ins that enable integration with your MS Office applications. Combining easy to use pre-formatted graphics and report templates with truly flexible charting functionality, Advance 4.0 meets the needs of new starters and power users alike. The Advance for Office add-ins seamlessly integrate the power and range of Datastream data with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The Datastream Advance embedded browser enables integration with other Thomson Financial internet products and usage guidance and support from our own extranet site. And now Advance 4.0 delivers an enhanced, up to date, and fully integrated browser based series lookup using the Datastream Navigator.

Key Benefits and Functionality:

Content available on Datastream Advance:

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The Worldscope Fundamentals Database

Worldscope Fundamentals are available on Datastream Advance

The comprehensive coverage available on Worldscope represents more than 96% of the world's market value and includes:

Worldscope data is collected from corporate documents such as annual reports and press releases, exchange and regulatory agency filings, and newswires.

This information enables you to conduct comprehensive analytical modeling and comparisons using more than 1,500 data elements on each company record, including:

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