Daily Temperature in China

The data set contains the daily temperature in China from 01.01.1957 to 31.12.2009.


Download data in .rar archive

The data source

The daily radiation data of international exchanging stations of china
The code of data set ? SURF_CLI_CHN_MUL_DAY_CES
The version of data set : 3.0
Public by Climatic Data Center , National Meteorological Information Center.
Online : http://cdc.cma.gov.cn

Data description

General remarks
Filename: stations_info.txt, 5 columns:
  1. code
  2. staton name
  3. latitude(N)
  4. longitude(E)
  5. altitude(0.1m)
Filename: temperature_data.txt, 160 columns:
  1. day
  2. daily average temperatures 159 weather stations. Every record is a mean value of maximum and minimum. Column names correspond to "code" in stations_info.txt