Arbeitsgruppe "Neuroeconomics of Risk and Ambiguity"

(Holger Gerhardt (C1), Dorothea Kübler, Lydia Mechtenberg, Dietmar Fehr (A6) )


As a general introduction to the field of neuroeconomics:
  • Paul W. Glimcher and Aldo Rustichini (2005): "Neuroeconomics: The Consilience of Brain and Decision", Science, vol. 306, pp. 447 - 452. Available online at

    On risk and ambiguity in the choice between lotteries:
  • Ming Hsu, Meghana Bhatt, Ralph Adolphs, Daniel Tranel and Colin F. Camerer (2005): "Neural Systems Responding to Degrees of Uncertainty in Human Decision-Making", Science, vol. 310, pp. 1680 - 1683. Available online at

    On risk and ambiguity in strategic interaction:
  • Brooks King-Casas, Damon Tomlin, Cedric Anen, Colin F. Camerer, Steven R. Quartz and P. Read Montague (2005): "Getting to Know You: Reputation and Trust in a Two-Person Economic Exchange", Science, vol. 308, pp. 78 - 83. Available online at

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