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Subproject A9

The Local Incidence of Shocks – The Role of Labor Supply
Head of Project : Prof. Dr. Alexandra Spitz-Oener

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Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
School of Business and Economics
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Liepmann, HannahM.Sc.
Priesack, KaiDipl.-Ing.
Zwiener, Hanna SarahM.Sc.



The project focuses on the understanding of how employment and wages for workers of different skill levels respond to labor demand shocks, and to what extend those responses depend on the institutional setting. Part of the analyses extends previous work that uses a task-based perspective to better understand the consequences of technological progress for the structure of earnings and employment. This latter research is complemented by work on educational outcomes and their link to accessible information technology (e.g. broadband access), neighborhood quality and rank effects.

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