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Library: smoother
See also: plogspline qlogspline dlogspline rlogspline logsplinesummary logsplinefit

Quantlet: plotlogspline
Description: produces a plot of a logspline fit at n equally spaced points covering the support of the density.

Usage: logsplineplot(fit, {n, {what, {xlim, {type}}}})
fit a list like the output from logsplinefit.
n the number of equally spaced points at which to plot the density (default is 100)
what string, what should be plotted: "d" (density - is default), "p" (distribution function), "s" (survival function) or "h" (hazard function). This string can contain more of these options which should be separated by a space or a comma.
xlim 2 x 1 vector, the x limits of the plot
type string, indicating either line ("l", default) or point ("p") plot

data = read("geyser")
fit  = logsplinefit(data[,1], "none","none","none",0)
xlim = #(0,7)
plotlogspline(fit,100,"p d",xlim,"l")
setgopt(plotdisplay,1,1,"title", "Distribution and Density Functions")

Plot of distribution and density functions

Author: K. Komorad, W. Haerdle, 20010625 license MD*Tech
(C) MD*TECH Method and Data Technologies, 05.02.2006