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Hilda Geiriger

::: Hilda Geiriger

Hilda Geiringer (1893-1973) is a remarkable German American scientist. She was the first female professor in applied mathematics at the University of Berlin and the second in the field of mathematics in Germany. She is widely recognized as a pioneer of applied mathematics, statistics, and probability, elasticity and plasticity of materials. Hilda Geiringer was an active member of the Academic Women's Association, which supported female students.

As the first woman to receive an academic appointment in mathematics at the University of Berlin in the 1920's Hilda Geiringer was a role model for women in science. Charismatic role models can positively and sustainably affect the career path decisions of young researchers. With an annual Hilda Geiringer Lecture Series and Female Visiting Scholar Program we invite outstanding female economists to a compact course. The target audience is in particular female CRC Postdoc and PhD student researchers and qualified Master students; but others can apply.

:::Hilda Geiringer Lecture Series

The annual Lecture Series was established by the HU to honor the mathematical and statistical contributions of Hilda Geiringer. Distinguished female scientists are invited to the Lecture Series as guest speakers and also as mentors and role models for doctoral students. Female Postdocs and PhDs as well as qualified Master students are cordially invited to attend.

Former Lectures:

Date Lecturer and Lecture
07. Sep. 2017 Prof. Dr. Ying Chen (National University of Singapore)
Analytics on Nonstationary, Large-dimensional and High Frequency Data
- Adaptive Forecasting and Network Autoregression
02. Nov. 2016 Nicole Branger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, DE)
Asset Pricing
16. Dec. 2015 Bettina Rockenbach (University of Cologne, DE)
Consumer Social Responsibility
16. Dec. 2014 Annette Vogt (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, DE)
Analysis of the development of modern statistics in Berlin (1900-1933) and the contributions made by Hilda Pollaczek-Geiringer
08.-09. July 2013 Yoosoon Chang (Indiana University, US)
High dimensional time series and unit root tests

:::Hilda Geiringer Postdoctoral Fellowship

The CRC 649 aims to increase gender equality and functions as a mentoring program. Female CRC Postdoc and talented PhD student researchers may apply for the Hilda Geiringer Postdoctoral Fellowship. It enables female researchers to carry out research in the CRC, free of teaching duties.

The program pursues the following goals:

  • The recruitment of (upcoming) female scholars,
  • The advancement of female scholars at all career levels,
  • The improvement of the visibility of women in academia,
  • The improvement of the compatibility of studies, family and work.

"The Hilda Geiringer Postdoctoral Fellowship offered me a great opportunity to do research in the area of theoretical and empirical asset pricing. As a trained statistician, I am interested in how economical models are supported by observations of the real world. My investigations brought me closer to the foundations of equilibrium models and I am now working on the strategic interactions and algorithmic theory for asset price formation in network economies. I am also researching methods for the identification and estimation of asset-based contagion models. Much of my work combines formal economic modelling with applied research and also uses insights from other areas of the social sciences. This Fellowship allowed me to pursue such interdisciplinary work and was therefore an important support for me as a young female scientist." Maria Grith 2015-2016

"It was a great privilege to be awarded the Hilda Geiringer female fellowship. It not only provided me the financial support, but also gave me a great research network for further projects. During the fellowship, I cooperated with several colleagues from the CRC 649 in different research projects. One of papers coauthored with Aleksei Netsunajev from Project C15 was recently published in Economics Letters. This fellowship is an unforgettable experience, during which I could realise my research ideas and expand my research agenda." Wenjuan Chen 2014-2015

"I was very much honored to be funded as a Hilda Geiringer postdoctoral researcher. It gave me not only the financial support but also more courage and great inspiration for my research. I think this position is an excellent way to support outstanding female scientists in academia and to celebrate the extraordinary personality of Hilda Geiringer." Maria Osipenko 2013-2014

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