Hilda Geiringer Lecture Series 2013 and Female Visiting Scholar Program

Hilda Geiringer †

Hilda Geiringer Lecture Series 2013

The Lecture Series is established by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to honor the mathematical and statistical contributions of Hilda Geiringer. As the first woman to receive an academic appointment in mathematics at the University of Berlin in the 1920's Hilda Geiringer was a role model for women in science. Distinguished female scientists are invited to the Lecture Series to speak.

This year we are proud to present

Yoosoon Chang

as the keynote speaker and guest of honor reading

"Nonstationary Panels"

Yoosoon Chang is a Professor of Economics at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research interests are in time series and panel data models and their applications in macroeconomics and finance. She is an associate editor of Time Series Econometrics, a program committee member of the International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications, an external fellow of Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics at Nottingham University, an external associate of Centre for Econometric Analysis at Cass Business School in London. Her recent research focuses on panels at high frequencies.


08 - 09 July, 2013


Festsaal, Luisenstr. 56
D-10117 Berlin


Panel Unit Root, Panel Cointegration, Analysis of State Distributions Using Pseudo Panels, Panels at High Frequency


Lecture Notes 1

Lecture Notes 2


Monday, 8. July

13:05"In Memoriam Hilda Pollaczek-Geiringer" by Annette B. Vogt
13:30Panel Unit Root
15:00Cofee Break
15:30Panel Cointegration

Tuesday, 9. July

10:00Analysis of State Distributions Using Pseudo Panels
11:30Lunch Break
13:00Panels at High Frequency


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In memory of Hilda Geiringer

The Lecture Series is named after a remarkable German American scientist Hilda Geiringer (1893-1973). She was the first female professor in applied mathematics in Berlin and the second in the field of mathematics in Germany. She is widely recognized as a pioneer of applied mathematics, statistics, and probability, elasticity and plasticity of materials. Hilda Geiringer was an active member of the Academic Women's Association which supported female students.

More about Hilda Geiringer

Lecture Series and Female Visiting Scholar Program

The CRC 649 aims to increase gender equality and implemented a mentoring program. Female Professors are invited as guest speakers and also as mentors and role models for doctoral students. Female researchers from the CRC 649 are supported by the established sabbatical priority line and a child-care assistance program. Female CRC Postdoc and Ph.D. student researchers and qualified Master students may applie for the Hilda Geiringer Postdoc position. It enables female researchers to do research in the CRC, free of teaching duties.
The program pursues the following goals:

  1. The recruiting of (upcoming) female scholars
  2. The advancement of female scholars at all career levels
  3. The improvement of the visibility of women in academia
  4. The improvement of the compatibility of studies, family and work.

In addition to this the Hilda Geiringer Lecture Series and an Hilda Geiringer Seminar are organized each year. Female Postdoc and Ph.D. as well as qualified Master students are cordially invited.


Organisation of the Lecture and Contact Information

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