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Library: xplore
See also: cltobindata bindata grdotdlcl

Quantlet: bindatatocl
Description: converts output of bindata to be used as classified data

Usage: {gr,fr}=bindatatocl(xb,yb,d,orig)
xb n x 1 vector, the indices of the nonempty bin
yb n x 1 vector of frequencies corresponding bins of xb
d scalar - the binwidth of this equidistant grid
orig scalar - the origin
gr m x 1 grid vector
fr (m-1) x 1 vector of frequencies corresponding to each interval of gr

x = normal(100)
{xb,yb} = bindata(x, 0.4,0)
{gr,fr} = bindatatocl(xb,yb,0.4,0)
bp = grboxcl(gr,fr,2)
d  = createdisplay(1,1)
show(d, 1, 1, bp)

a boxplot for classified data

Author: K. Komorad, W. Haerdle, 20010716 license MD*Tech
(C) MD*TECH Method and Data Technologies, 05.02.2006