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Library: smoother
See also: lpregest lpderest

Quantlet: spfill
Description: spfill fills places of sparsity with interpolated observations to avoid the need of oversmoothing.

Usage: xyaug = spfill(x,y, a, b, h, r)
x n x 1 matrix
y n x 1 matrix
a scalar, lower limit for estimation
b scalar, upper limit for estimation
h scalar, bandwidth
r scalar, scaling factor
xyaug n x 2 matrix, is the augmented and sorted data

n = 50
x = uniform(n)
y = sin(2.*pi.*x) + 0.1.*normal(n)
a = -0.2 b = 1.2
h = 0.05 r = 2
xyaug = spfill(x,y,a,b,h,r)
t = createdisplay(1,1)

Computes and plots the local linear estimator using
the augmented data.

Author: B. Turlach, L. Yang, 19970610
(C) MD*TECH Method and Data Technologies, 05.02.2006